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HBR Surveys offers a wide range of surveying and geometrics’ services to help establish land borders and manage spatial data for a wide range of characteristics on, above, and beneath the earth’s surface. But, before we get started, we’ll take a step back to make absolutely sure we’re presenting the right method for your specific needs, whether it’s a one-off project or part of a bigger brief.

Our broad range of surveying services – Land, Buildings, Underground, Site Engineering, and Monitoring – covers all sizes of project, from home one-off projects to major multi-package initiatives, and we have a wide geographical reach. With over a hundred surveyors and engineers on staff, we can rely on many years of experience and knowledge, and our teams, based in locations around the state, can respond swiftly so that your project may move forward without any delays.

Building and Construction

Civil Construction


Feature And Level

Point Clouds

Specification Surveys (A-SPEC)

Detail Surveys

Detail surveying plays an integral role in most residential building projects. From new builds to extensions and renovations, detail surveys are needed to plan and complete your project with precision. Whatever your project requirements, we can deliver effective detail, level, and topographic surveying solutions that leave nothing to chance. Our detail surveying services will help to ensure good design and construction decisions.

Civil Surveys

Civil construction surveys rely on detailed surveying solutions. In order to build complex projects with integrity, project locations and assets need to be analysed, surveyed, and mapped. From road and rail projects to property developments and public infrastructure, quality construction depends on professional imaging. Detailed construction surveys help to align design specifications with project outcomes.

Engineering Surveys

Civil engineering projects demand professional surveying solutions delivered with precision and integrity. From roads and railways to bridges and tunnels, the success of large-scale engineering projects relies on detailed examination and accurate presentation. Surveys highlight geographical boundaries, landscape contours, and infrastructure details to ensure effective and seamless project development.

Cadastral Surveys

Cadastral surveying helps to ensure the accurate definition of land parcel boundaries. Cadastral surveying relates to the determination, re-establishment, identification, or adjustment of land boundaries. Our team can help you with a wide range of cadastral surveying and land development applications.

House Setout Surveying

A House set-out is provided to identify where the soon to be built House will sit on the block. Every new house has plans approved by their local Council which shows us all the crucial setback measurements. This survey provides pegs which identify all the external walls of the to be built house.